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27 march 2012

  "THE CULTURE FACTORY" project, for which the Ivrea town council is inviting international submissions for the development of the centre, is online.

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  Ivrea 26-11-2010
Mission accomplished! announcing "The Culture Factory"
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  Ivrea 26-11-2010
The speech of the mayor of Ivrea.
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  Ivrea 7-6-2010
Open letter to Ivrea city council
  The coordinator of the Promoter Committee, Giorgio Panattoni, writes to the Mayor of Ivrea, Carlo Della Pepa.  
  Turin 8-3-2010
Regione Piemonte supports the project
  The Olivetti Museum included in the programme of the chairman of the Regional Authority of Piedmont, Mercedes Bresso.  
  Ivrea 13-12-2009
Further details from the Promoter Committee
  Indications and criteria for implementation in Ivrea.
  Ivrea 8-11-2009
Olivetti Museum: initial guidelines
  Giorgio Panattoni, coordinator of the Promoter Committee, illustrates the initial project ideas.  
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  NEWS [archive]  
  Rome, 25-11-2010  
  Study conference on Adriano Olivetti  
  The Adriano Olivetti Foundation and the "Federico Caffè" Faculty of Economics at the Roma Tre University organises a study conference on Adriano Olivetti.  
  Ivrea, 17-11-2010  
  One hundred years of Olivetti, the industrial project  
  As part of the IX Corporate Culture Week, an exhibition and cycle of meetings on the Olivetti culture.  
  Olivetti video playlist on YouTube  
  Collection of historic videos, commercials, interviews and eye-witness accounts on the history of the Olivetti company and the worldwide Olivetti myth.  
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  The Olivetti factory in Ivrea  
  The exhibition “One hundred years of Olivetti, the industrial project” and a season of historic films  
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  Online community of Olivettiani in Italy and around the world.  
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